Pennsylvania target for Swedish developer NetEnt

This is great news for the publisher NetEnt which has just fallen this weekend. It can now attack the Pennsylvania market.

NetEnt expands in Pennsylvania

We just learned this week that publisher NetEnt has just received the green light from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This is in fact the regulator in charge of online casinos in Pennsylvania who has just validated a very juicy agreement which will allow the Swedish firm Net Entertainment to open up even more to the world and especially to large markets.

Here is therefore an opportunity offered to this developer of slot machine games to gain even more visibility and especially to increase its customer base. We already know, for example, that the publisher NetEnt immediately signed numerous partnerships with online casino operators in this State… barely received the agreement! An opportunity for these partners to now be able to benefit from the large game library of the giant NetEnt.

NetEnt still expanding

We often tell you about this NetEnt developer who is opening up even more to this day and with this new agreement, towards the major online gaming markets. Everything then started in September 2018, when the firm had filed a conditional request to provide its catalog of online slots in Pennsylvania. The result is there and this request was therefore accepted. A green light which allows this giant of the online casino gaming industry to finally put its products within the reach of distributors on this specific side of the USA, a sector where it was not yet authorized.

We must admit that this is a real masterstroke that NetEnt has just achieved to start this new year. A unique opportunity for those who show a slight opportunism, games of chance have only been legalized since 2017 in Pennsylvania.

We therefore know today that the very first online casinos will begin to offer their services in mid-2019, just to highlight the fact that this is the second American state to regulate online casinos. It must be said that the market is rather juicy for NetEnt which settles comfortably within a State with a strong population of 13 million inhabitants; remaining to this day one of the 5 most populous states in the United States. The icing on the cake for the developer: the majority of this population is particularly known for their insatiable love for gambling and online games.

Nothing was decided in advance, however, for NetEnt

Slots developer NetEnt can breathe, however, and above all, breathe, as he is no longer under the thumb of that slight shadow on the board that hovered over his head. Indeed, a publication of the Office of the Legal Advisor of the Department of Justice of the State of Pennsylvania had recently spilled a lot of ink and slightly diminished the publisher’s hope of establishing itself; indeed sowing a little fear in the latter by announcing that the law on the authorization of online games of chance initially voted had been revised. What we call in the jargon the Wireact.

But it will be harmless, because NetEnt will still offer its services to distributors as planned, even if this famous revision of WireAct which extends to all forms of online games will severely limit the scope of the original legislation. relating to online sports betting.

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